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Reach the Isles is a collective effort of Christians committed to reaching the isles with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are informally united by two core principles:

1) The Gospel is the milk AND the meat of God’s word. It is the means of our justification AND our sanctification. We exist to help believers understand this beautiful truth and to equip them to live in light of it.

2) The Word of God speaks consistently, clearly and powerfully into a world of broken gospels and worldviews. We exist to help believers understand the Biblical worldview and to equip them to engage this generation with it.

Click here for more information on these principles.

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We have held Reach Conferences across the UK, Ireland, Europe and the US. These weekend to week long events are targeted towards training believers in apologetics and evangelism. To find out more or to see about hosting a Reach Conference at your church, get in touch.

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