• Martin Wickens

Prayer Focus - Swansea

Swansea, the 2nd largest city in Wales, the 25th largest when included with the rest of the United Kingdom, is on the south coast of Wales. It includes Swansea Bay and the Gower Peninsula.

Population: 241,300 (462,000 when including the surrounding urban areas)

Nickname: Copperopolis due to the booming copper trade in the 19th-century

The Gower Peninsula

The earliest evidence of inhabitants date back to the Stone Age, but the modern city originates from around 1000 years ago. It has only been designated officially as a city since 1969 to celebrate the investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales.

In 2011 71% claimed to be Christian, 20% claimed no religion, 7.5% did not respond and there were 5,415 Muslims. Other faiths made up less than 1%. Though only a little over 2000 Muslims live here, that makes up 10% of the total number of Muslims in Wales. The number of Muslims doubled from the census in 2001.

Tabernacle Chapel – Nonconformist Cathedral of Wales

Wales has been blessed with many revivals. One of the greatest revivals anywhere in the world was led by Evan Roberts. Evan hails from Loughor, just outside of Swansea. It is said that over 100,000 converted in a short time and made a lasting impact on Wales.

Swansea is home to the Tabernacle Chapel, also known as Libanus Chapel, and has been referred to as the Nonconformist Cathedral of Wales. When it was constructed in 1872 it cost the equivalent of £1 million in today’s money.

Despite its rich Christian history, it is probably more famous for being the birthplace of Thomas Dylan.