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The Shoe Fits (Worldview 3)

Cinderella like stories are told all over the world with cultural variations. Almost every account has some kind of slipper. We all know the story. A handsome king or prince falls in love with a young woman. She leaves before he learns anything about her but she leaves one of her slippers behind. The lovestruck royal searches his kingdom for her, placing the slipper on each eligible young woman until he finds the one foot that fits the slipper. He finds her, they marry, they live happily ever after.

We've been considering worldviews in this series. We have looked at what a worldview must have and what a worldview cannot have.

The Christian Foundation

The starting point of the Christian worldview, the one thing we believe before we believe in anything else, the ultimate Because is this; God is and God has revealed Himself to us through Creation and Scripture. There is nothing underneath this. There is nothing we believe before we believe this. This is it. This is our starting point. This is the rock we build upon.

From this starting point we build our worldview. From this truth we glean all other truth. Through this Ultimate Because we see everything else.

As CS Lewis illustrates it:

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

Schaefer puts it this way:

the only sufficient answer is...God is there and He is not silent. He has spoken to man in the Bible.

The Big Three

The Christian worldview more than adequately explains and accounts for the Big Three topics.

Being - the Christian answer to reality and being is that the eternal, triune God created the universe, created everything in the universe and created humans in His image. Colossians 1:16-17 tells us the who and why of creation - we are because God wanted it to be so and that we are created for His glory.

Knowing - the Christian answer to knowledge and truth is that the all knowing, true, orderly God created the universe. He is the ultimate Mathematician, Philosopher, Scientist, Engineer etc. He knows all there is to know and all that we know is derived from Him through revelation in scripture and in creation.

Doing - the Christian answer to good and value is that the kind, holy, objective God created the universe. His will is ultimate. He made man in His image and therefore we have value, dignity and worth.

Don’t Like It?

If you don’t like this answer, I hope to show you the real reason why you don’t like it later, but for now I want to challenge you; give me an alternative. Give me an alternative worldview that has an Ultimate Because, an adequate answer to the Big Three and that does not invalidate itself by being arbitrary and/or inconsistent. Back to the Cinderella story - I have shown you that the Christian worldview fits and makes sense of the world we are living in. Your job, no-god worldview holder, is to find another foot that fits the slipper. My admittedly bold claim is that you can't.

What Now?

In the next article I want to show you that the no-god worldviews have too many holes. They commit too many worldview sins. I want to show you where the leaks are coming in - and to remind you, by the way, it is starting to rain.

Alan Campbell is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He came to Christ as a young adult and trained for ministry at Bethesda Free Church, Sunderland. Alan ministered in Bethesda as the Associate Pastor until 2019 and now ministers at Union Chapel, Bath. From time to time he teaches at North Cotes (NTM/Ethnos 360) College and The Theological College of North Staffordshire. Alan travels across the UK, Ireland, Europe and the States speaking at universities and equipping churches and campus ministries to share the gospel in a post-modern context. He is passionate about helping the believer to root their identity more and more into the person and work of Jesus Christ. Alan is married to Victoria.

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