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What is Reach?

I am currently in Sunderland, a city in the north of England, near Newcastle. I have just returned from going out with a group of about 30 others to share the gospel on the streets. This outreach is a part of Reach, a week focused on equipping and training young people in evangelism, discipleship, and missions.

Reach was started seven years ago by Alan Campbell at Bethesda Free Church. God has really used it over the years to encourage and challenge young people to get more serious about sharing their faith and living for God.

I have been privileged to attend and help with Reach for several years, and I must say I am very encouraged with how the Lord is using it in the lives of many British young people. There are people here from a number of different locations across the UK.

There are many great things about Reach apart from it being free and a lot of fun. It is based in the heart of a local church and teaches young people to serve the Lord in and through their local church. It teaches young people skills they will be able to use in their local churches. It allows them to develop relationships with other young people who are serious about their faith.

The teaching (if you will excuse me as one of the teachers from saying) is Biblical and practical. The other men who are teaching this year in addition to myself and Alan are Chris Waye, a church planter in London, and Tim Palmer, a Bible teacher at New Tribes Mission North Cotes Bible College.

Reach is not your average youth camp or weekend away. It is intense, focused, and at times scary, but it is also great fun and an amazing way to grow in gospel boldness.

You can find out more information about Reach here. If you have young people ages 13 and older who want to learn more about how to serve God and share their faith, Reach will really help them. Here is what a few young people have said about Reach:

Reach is a real encouragement…even if you’ve never gone out to speak to people about the Lord before, and wouldn’t even know how to start a conversation, you’ll be provided with the help you need to do so. The lessons learned at Reach will encourage you to carry on the Great Commission back at home, too! If you’re considering Reach, go for it! It is such an encouragement to spend time with so many likeminded young Christians, who wish to love and serve the lord. I particularly enjoyed and was challenged by the teaching on discipleship and missions, and just realising how important they are to Christian work and sharing the gospel. I would definitely recommend Reach!
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