Discovering Christianity is a series of discipleship material put together by the staff at Bethesda Free Church. Each set of studies are stand alone teaching materials. DC John and Romans works through the Gospel of John and Epistle to the Romans over 10 weeks and can be used to take someone who is unsaved and searching or someone who is recently saved. DC New Foundations takes the next steps and works through topics such as reading scripture, prayer, church membership. DC Knowing God's Will walks someone through the basic principles of walking in God's will. DC Deacons is a 10 part study for a group of diaconate candidates or to work through with the church to help them understand the biblical requirements and ministry of deacons.

Discovering Christianity John and Romans Teacher Edition/Student Edition

Discovering Christianity New Foundations Teacher Edition/Student Edition

Discovering Christianity Knowing God's Will Student Edition

Discovering Christianity Deacons Student Edition







Foundations is a series of discipleship lessons prepared by Vision Baptist Church and adapted for use in Ireland and Britain. Though discipleship is much more than a series of lessons, Foundations is a guide that helps begin conversations about foundation truths of the Christian faith and leads believers to walk in obedience to Christ. Foundations 1 covers more basic truths such as God, Jesus, Sin, Salvation, Baptism, and the New Testament Church, while Foundations 2 delves into things like Identity, Separation, Bible Study, God’s Will, Forgiveness, and more.

Foundations 1 

Foundations 2