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The Reach the Isles team have held a number of training seminars across Britain, Ireland and Europe equipping local churches in evangelism, discipleship and missions. We have held weekend and weeklong conferences with morning classes followed by afternoon outreach.


Here is what others have said about our Reach conferences:


Reach is a real encouragement…even if you’ve never gone out to speak to people about the Lord before, and wouldn’t even know how to start a conversation, you’ll be provided with the help you need to do so. The lessons learned at Reach will encourage you to carry on the Great Commission back at home too! If you’re considering Reach, go for it!


It is such an encouragement to spend time with so many likeminded Christians, who wish to love and serve the lord. I particularly enjoyed and was challenged by the teaching on discipleship and missions, and just realising how important they are to Christian work and sharing the gospel. I would definitely recommend Reach!


I was so encouraged by the week. If I’m honest, I arrived thinking I would maybe hand out a leaflet or two, and instead I have left after sharing the gospel with several people. It’s awesome to understand so clearly the need to share the news of Christ across the world on a foreign mission field and here at home too. 


If you would like to know more about Reach conferences near you or if your church would like to host one, please email us. Click here to get in touch to find out when and where we will be hosting Reach Conferences.


A mission trip to Ireland and Britain can be an excellent way to get a taste of what the need is and what God is doing on these islands.The purpose of a short-term trip would be primarily to open your eyes to the need, to give you some insight into what ministry is like, and to involve you as is appropriate to the ministry you visit.Most short term trips are 7-10 days.


Costs and dates for your trip will be arranged on an individual basis and will depend on the schedule of the various team members. To inquire about taking a trip, please email us with your details, the time period you would prefer and the region you hope to visit.

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